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FPR X-TRA: Automobiles


The development of composites have opened up vast opportunities to designers and engineers in their constant search for improved performances from materials of construction. The advanced automobile industry in the West is a prime motivator in the move for substituting standard metal components with composites in an all-out effort to reduce car weights and raise fuel savings.

X-TRA Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd : AutomobilesThe industry is not only researching deeply into plasticisation of automobile structural and non-structural components, they are studying the overall economies in total energy involved in the making of a raw material and its finished products as well as in using it. To the Automobile designer and engineer Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics (Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd ) answer the need for flexibility in design, weight reduction and fuel efficiency with improved material properties. A large number of metal parts are under substitution at leading car manufacturers of the world; from bumpers to mudguards, complete truck cabs, tail gates and bonnets, headlamp housings and instrument panels are seeing progressive testing and substitution in many models.

In the automobile field, design & development of full Fibreglass bodies have been sX-TRA Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd : Automobilesuccessfully completed for Mahindra & Mahindra, Roplas India and Hindustan Motors.

In addition various mock ups and prototypes have also been successfully completed.

Specially developed Fibreglass bodies were used for both the Reliance Cup and MRF World Series which were introduced for the first time in the history of Cricket and that an automobile was allowed on a cricket pitch!

X-TRA Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd : AutomobilesThese innovatively designed bodies served as drinking trolleys and at the same time conveyed the sponsors message.X-TRA Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd : Automobiles




FPR X-TRA: AutomobilesCustom built bodies, Replicas

Vintage Cars & Accessories built on a host of chassis and running gear have been the order of the day. For Hindustan Motor's-Calcutta we are OEM suppliers of Bumpers & Facia have been suppliers for the last 6 years. Currently a new model of Bumpers & Twin Bezels has been developed & regular supplies have been made.

FPR X-TRA: AutomobilesWith the vast experience in the automobile field. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd has also been a consultant in the sourcing of various hardware, trim & finishing components.

FPR X-TRA: Automobiles

Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd  X-TRA: BoatsFibreglass Boats have for the last 40/50 years gained full acceptance. Today almost all types of Boats are mode of fibreglass.

a) Simple row Boats

b) Paddle Boats

c) Motorised Boats

d) KayaksXtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd  X-TRA: Boats

e) Fishing Boats of all sizes and shapes

f) Speed and Racing Boats

h) Cruisers of all sizes

i) Large Boats for the Navy

j) Ferries

The list goes on and on.

The primary advantages of Fibreglass boats over wood/steel etc., is

1. Weight: There is considerable saving in weight thus ensuring greater speeds for the same power.

2. Life: Since Fibreglass is non-corrosive, the life span is much more with less maintenance, thus making it the best investment.

3. Repair: Easily carried out in case of any eventuality.

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