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Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd  X-TRA: PrefabsX-TRA REINFORCED PLASTICS PVT. LTD. Bangalore, a leader in reinforced plastics and light industrial materials has broken new barriers in prefab structures, providing the nation with technology of the present time. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd X-TRA, with a track record of proven performance for a period of over 22 years is managed by a high calibre board of directors, backed by a qualified and experienced technical team. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd X-TRA has built a reputation of quality and sevice in modular structures to suit the fast pace of today.

FIBREPLAST PREFABS are so versatile that they can be modified, rearranged, dismantled, moved and more rooms can be added to existing structures.

Setting new frontiers, Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd X-TRA has constructed a transmitter station at Lakshwadeep with great success in record time on a turnkey basis.

FIBREPLAST PREFABS have also been meeting the needs of clients like, defence forces, communications, prospecting, aviation, chemical and fertilizer plants, refineries, thermal and nuclear plants etc.



* Instant installation at site.

* No expertise required for erection.

* Light in weight. No special equipment required for handling.

* Easy to transport in knockdown panels or as modules.

* Strong. Has very high tensile and fracture strength.

* Has high load bearing capacity.

* Are flexible and can react well to natural forces such as wind, seismic loads or snow fall. Are also ideal where vibratory loads are high such as in rocket launching sites etc.

* Immune to extreme weather conditions like earthquakes, storms, cyclones etc.

* Can withstand wind velocity upto 150 K.M.per hour and torrential rainfall.

* Unaffected by ultra violet rays and needs minimum maintenance.



Defence posts in high altitudes


Stalls for exhibitions

Security cabins


Airport control towers

Emergency Hospitals


Transmitter/Radar stations

Instant toilet modules

Airport check-in counters


Gazebos for restaurants and landscaping

Sales counters

Hotels or Homes

Telephone booths

Site Offices

FIBREPLAST PREFABS structures are ideal when you need a mobile shelter or something that has to be erected over night. They even protect you in high altitudes or in a burning desert.



FIBREPLAST PREFABS can be designed to work in temperatures between -50C to +50C with special insulating materials and can be supplied with totally fire retardant properties.

FIBREPLAST PREFABS can be adapted according to any specific requirement. They can be furnished and equipped with necessities like lighting, fans, exhaust fans, air conditioners, geysers, electric wiring, energy meters, control panels, emergency lights etc. And of course, the basic necessities like water storage tanks, pumps, sanitary fittings, showers, plumbing, sewage etc. We can arrange transport of these FIBREPLAST PREFABS to the most remote places by road, air, sea, some times even by mules or head loads.

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