Company Profile

The Company is headed by Mr. ZARRYL LOBO and now by members of this family. Our commitment to quality products and personalised service will continue and be further strengthened. The Company is working towards getting ISO 9002 certification.

Current Activities of the Group

As far back as 1966 Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics was promoted to manufacture fibreglass products. During the last three decades its growth has been excellent. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd is accepted to be one of the most established manufacturer of various Equipments in Fibreglass and Industrial Plastics in the Country. It is well known for its industrial products like Storage tanks, chemical Plant Piping, Chemical & Food, Anti-Corrosive Lining,Blowers, Ductings, Turn-key installations for Chemical and Paper industries, etc. Its pioneering activities include manufacture of Car-Bodies, Boats, Helmets for Industrial and Defence uses, etc.

Currently Design and Development of sophisticated Defence, Medical & Automobile Components, ecetra is underway.

Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd 's Clients include most of the leading companies in the Chemical, Paper, Sugar, Fertilizer, Oil Refineries, Automobile, Ordinance and Defence Research in India.

Infrastructure and Financial Resources

The GROUP's assets include a very well established Plant only 20 minutes from the centre of Bangalore. The Plant is fully equipped and has adequate power and other industrial facilities.Sufficient land is available for future development and new projects.

For its marketing activities the GROUP has a well appointed sales office in the City.


Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd., has made its mark on the Reinforced Plastics Industry not only in the country but abroad as well. This is due to its outstanding achievements and professional management by a high calibre and experienced Board of Directors as well as a team of expert engineers, technologists, and technicians totally dedicated to excellence in manufacturing and after sales service, bringing about total satisfaction to their clients.

Anti-Corrosive Linings and Coatings

By the application of FIBREPLAST linings or coatings on metal, masonary, or wood the surface is rendered inpervious and resistant to most chemical attack. Depending on the service conditions, linings & coatings are applied with Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd BISPHENOL/ISOPHTHALIC VINYL ESTER/EPOXY-PVC/PP/PVDF.

On-Site Fabrications, Installations and Erection

Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd., is fully equipped with portable tools, tackle and equipment manned by experienced erection crews always ready to take up work at sites anywhere.

Research and Development

The competance of the design team backed by proven expertise of Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd , accumulated and updated for over 4 decades and strengthened by abundant fabrication experience has resulted in "FIRSTS" and "BIGGESTS" to its credit.

The almost obsessional interest of Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd, in developmental work together with interaction with its customers has in several instances resulted in material and import substitutions.

Manufacturing Facilities

Fibreglass mouldings must be done under controlled conditions. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd , has the advantage of being perfectly located in Bangalore where nature takes care of the ambient temperature and humidity.

Over 7000 sq ft of covered areas house the following facilities:
FILAMENT WINDING machine with a capacity of winding up to 4 m in 6m lengths, complete with post curing up to 6 m long pipes, ducts, stacks or tanks.

HYDRAULIC PRESSES for compression moulding of components in Sheet Moulding Compound(SMC) & Dough Moulding Compound (DMC).

CONTACT MOULDING this section is the heart of the plant offering all forms of custom fabrications and moulds ranging from minute battery case moulds to enormous 4 m tank moulds.

THERMOPLASTIC FABRICATIONS in PVC, PP, HDPE, PVDF are done by highly skilled and experienced technicians under close supervision. Invariably thermoplastics are reinforced and armoured with Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd externally, forming DUAL LAMINATES.

Inspection and Testing

In reinforced plastics a quality product can be ensured only if there is constant internal monitoring and inspection during manufacture. That is why Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd. has the essential inplant testing facilities both for raw materials and finished products. Some of the test conducted are:
Resin-acid value, Viscosity, Geltime.Glass Fibre-Density wetability, moisture content Laminates-Barcol hardness, acetone test, Resin to Glass Ratio, Tensile, Flexural, etc.,

For Pipes, Tanks, vessels hydraulic testing is conducted prior to despatch.
Blowers & exhaust systems are tested, for which we have the necessary meters & guages.

Design and Consultancy

Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd., has a full fledged design and Consultancy division which is the most important backup to any manufacturing unit. Most products conform to:-NBS Voluntary Products Standard PS 15-69 BS 499A-1973 ASTM-D-3299-1974

Where applications are very critical. Xtra Reinforced Plastics Pvt.Ltd. gets them cross checked at the Indian Institute of Science, Consultancy Division, Bangalore or at the Fibre Reinforced Plastics Research Centre, IIT Madras.

The company has been associated with leading Consulting Engineers India, Kerbs & Cie, M.N.Dastur & Co., Dalal Consultants, Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd., Larsen & Toubro, FEDO, MECON, ICB, DCPL, ecetra.

Our Clients include very well known companies both in the Public and Private sector. For details, please refer our
Client List.

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